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Provide a tailored solution for each logistics shipment and for each customs procedure, improving customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery and cost.


Offer the best personalized service “end to end” in favor of our clients and partners, thus helping to achieve their goals and aspirations and facilitating their international expansion.




BAS & JOSA SL is the result of the merger of 3 companies with a long history in the logistics market with the aim of creating a company that would respond to the logistics needs of its customers.
Our will is not only to meet the current needs of our clients but to help them prepare for the new challenges that the evolution of the markets are creating.

For this we not only cover all the international transport, logistics and customs needs of our clients, but we have also prepared ourselves to provide solutions for e-commerce, the new form of international trade. For all this, in addition to a solvent company with an experienced staff, we have a worldwide network of first-rate agents, capable of providing the best local solutions for the global needs of our clients.

We offer the following solutions:

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International Freight Forwarder

  • Air Transport.
  • Marine transport.
  • Customs.
  • 3PL.
  • Storage DA (Customs Warehouse), ADT (Temporary Warehouse Warehouse) and deliveries.
  • Hub (sea and air transport).
  • Logistics for nautical
  • Heavy and oversized cargo logistics.
  • Logistics solution for sensitive goods.
  • Other solutions that our clients may need.

International Trade Consultant

  • Customs consulting (rules, procedures, customs regimes).
  • International markets.
  • Electronic commerce
  • International banking service.
  • Credit letters.
  • Incoterms.

Why choose us?

We have been operating since 1908 as an international freight forwarder and customs broker.

We have a list of prominent clients who have trusted us through decades of working together.

We are constantly growing and enriching our client portfolio.

We provide all our clients with a fast and comprehensive service, developed and supported by our highly experienced and dynamic Team.

We pride ourselves on having the best experts with extensive experience in the industry working with us.

We are proud to be part of the following associations: WCA, WCNA, IATA, AEO, Clúster logístic de Catalunya, Efficiency Network, Millennium Logistics Network, FIATA, WCA eCommerce, ATEIA OLTRA Barcelona, ATEIA OLTRA Valencia, Official College of Customs Agents of Barcelona.

Contact our team of specialists to configure the best option for your needs.

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