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Along this line we have developed solutions for:

  • Inward and outward processing traffic.
  • Customs procedures for Nautical and other sports.
  • Perishable merchandise.
  • Cocoa and other food products.
  • Textile.
  • Chemicals
  • And many others according to the needs of our clients.

🤔 How do you feel when you try to coordinate between different intermediaries in different countries and it doesn’t work out?

😦 What goes through your head when for your product, so delicate, you need to go through complex customs procedures and you doubt that it has a green light?

😠 What do you think when everything happens on the weekend and all the offices are closed?


🤔 How do you feel when your freight forwarder outsources Customs Services and you have realized that your Customs Processes are not optimized?

😦 Do you know that Customs Clearance is a procedure before the Ministry of Finance, and that an erroneous procedure can produce penalties and extra expenses?

😠 What goes through your head when you discover that you are paying avoidable costs and that make you less competitive?


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