From 1908 to today ...

We invite you to take a look at our more than 110 years of history.

BAS & JOSA has a long history when every decade we have provided the best services to our clients around the world, implementing the best innovations in the sector and keeping up-to-date by constantly adapting our processes and solutions.

The BAS and JOSA families were already related to international maritime transport in the 19th century, Joan Josa Juncosa being the owner of a ship that transported coal between Genoa and Barcelona and Bautista Bas captain of the Galera Luisa in 1886

In the 20th century, both families began their activity as Customs Agents. As a continuation of the operations of ROIG and BAS, Mr. Agustín Bas created BAS Y PUJOL in 1908, this company being the current BAS & JOSA.

The JOSA family began its activity as customs agents in 1923 with Joan Josa Tardiu and his son Joan Josa Saliente establishing JOSA, the Customs Agency and, since then, different members of the family have been linked to the logistics sector. Jaume Ferrer Josa currently holds the position of CEO / Managing Director at BAS & JOSA SL

The following generations of both families continued with the activity of customs agents, and began to develop that of freight forwarders in the last quarter of the 20th century, with air and maritime transport especially increasing their services and the number of clients.

Already in the 21st century in 2014 the activity of both families merged through the union of BAS Y PUJOL, BAS CARGO and JOSA LOGISITICS. The objective was to join forces to offer the best complete service to the needs of our clients and to become a leading freight forwarder and customs agency nationwide. This merger allowed great growth, creating a wide network of agents and increasing the customer base around the world.

In 2020 the shareholding was changed with the entry of the TRACOSA GROUP and Jaume Ferrer Josa passed to direct the entire company, controlling and having each of the parties 50% of the company and the strategic decision was made together with a new vision to become a useful tool for any company that is dedicated or wants to dedicate itself to international transport. The first Customs and Foreign Trade Consulting projects were carried out successfully and causes the transformation of the company to the current new role of International Trade and Logistics Consultant.

The covid19 pandemic gave us the momentum and time to plan and implement the digital transformation strategy based on the in-depth study of the needs of our clients. We established the new logo that reflects the identity of the company at the present time in its long history.

Bas & Josa's vision has gone from being a local logistics operator to a company that provides support to its clients with all issues related to Logistics and International Trade at a GLOBAL level.


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