Marine transport

Personalized services.

  • Export and import service.
  • Regular LCL Consolidation Service to / from multiple markets and of course FCL from any origin and destination
  • Cross shipping.
  • Competitive rates with multiple Shipping Lines. Door-to-door and multimodal services, Break-bulk, Vehicles, project cargo, on measures and special equipment.
  • Security in transport and in all services related to logistics.
  • Chartering.
  • Logistics coordination for large-scale projects, as well as shipments and freight with critical deadlines, 24/7 monitoring.
  • Import and export container bookings via electronic transmission with shipping companies, guaranteeing its accuracy.
  • Door-to-door transport of goods.
  • Special cargo transport services and handling of dangerous goods IMDG by highly qualified personnel.
  • Optimized packaging, structural reinforcement and transportation services for bulky goods.
  • In order to ensure that the packaging of the merchandise fully complies with the transport requirements, we have professionals on site to supervise the receipt and inspect the packaging of the merchandise at all times.
  • Combined rail-maritime and river-maritime transport services allowing the combined transport of goods in one place in inland ports through railways and rivers
  • Declaration services AMS, ACI, ISF, ICS allowing transports to / from the United States, Canada, China and Europe.
  • Cargo transportation insurance services.

😟 How do you feel when the cargo is stopped for 2-3 months in the port, or in the warehouse, causing stock accumulation and generating storage costs?

😒 What do you think when you need your cargo to be shipped in direct services but the ship ends up calling at 2-3 ports?

😫 What goes through your head when you pay high prices at the port of arrival since the conditions are CIF?


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