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BAS & JOSA has the honor of being part of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster and being able to offer personalized services.

At BAS & JOSA our main concern is to know the needs of our clients to create the best solutions in each case.
Following this philosophy and with our experience in the Nautical sector and with the help of collaborators, we detected the need to create a specialized service for Nautical, to cover the different logistical needs of our clients, customs procedures, legal support for non-resident companies / individuals. in the EU …
Our goal is to create a service in which a single interlocutor can solve all the needs of our clients.

These are some of our solutions for our Nautical service:

  • International maritime and air transport, consolidated and specialized equipment for loading boats, as well as insurance.
  • Customs procedures, ATA and personalized solutions (for non-EU residents).
  • Logistics solutions for international events such as the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Maritime consulting.
  • Urgent transport of spare parts.
  • Legal advice.
  • Other services that our clients may need.

For this we have:

  • Collaboration with companies specialized in local nautical logistics.
  • A specialized team with long experience in customs and logistics management for Náutica.
  • An international network of specialized agents.
  • Collaboration with legal specialists.
  • Collaboration with brokers specialized in Nautical.

Our specialized service can cover from a customs formula that fits a specific need case by case, to the transport of urgent spare parts, through specialized cargo in containers of sailing material, special equipment.

BAS & JOSA also has the honor of being part of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster and being able to offer personalized services. Cluster Nautic

With all the aforementioned we have achieved for sailors from outside the EU, who can receive their boats sent urgently by plane from New Zealand and other countries, bring them urgent spare parts, send their boats to the Tokyo Games and bring them back, give Customs solutions for both individual sailors and marinas.

As we have explained, the objective of our department is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, avoiding them having to depend on different interlocutors who are also not coordinated with each other.

Contact our team of specialists to configure the best option for your needs.

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